Golden Retriever Camp

Vacationing?  No more sad kennel face!  Send your best friend to camp! 

Your dog will live in our home with our 4 dogs, with full access to the house, and without a kennel. 

Run our 8 fenced acres.

Swim in our lake.

We are retired Golden Retriever breeders.  We have always offered to take care of our litters' puppies while their families are away, and we have decided to expand to offer our camp to more Goldens.  We have a wonderful place for dogs, and we want to share it.

It is our mission to keep dogs from having to go to a kennel. 


And we can only accept dogs weighing AT LEAST 50 pounds.  Our fencing secures only large dogs.

If your dog is a house dog, is spayed/neutered, up to date on shots/flea/heartworm treatment, and gets along well in social situations with other animals, email us at or call us at 832-221-0732 for reservations or to arrange to come for a visit. 

We promise to love and treat your dogs as our own.

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GoldenRetrieverCamp.Deerour farm familypups
Camp Photos

Packing for your camper?  We feed IAMS dry food.  If you'd like your dog to have something different, please bring it with you.  Also remember a copy of your vaccine record and bring us any oral or topical medications we need to give.  You can bring favorite toys and beds if you like, but they usually become community property pretty quickly.  That's it.  Simply bring us your camper!

Have any old tennis balls at your house?  We can always use good lake throwin' balls.  And they call themselves retrievers!

Give us the honor of caring for your best friend. 
Let us give you the luxury of peace of mind.


We are in the greater Houston area, northeast near Kingwood.  Because we keep a limited number of dogs, just in our home,  call for reservations as soon as you know your travel plans. 

Your camper must be current on shots, heartworm, and flea treatment, must be spayed or neutered, housebroken, social with other dogs, people, and other animals, and be a large breed, weighing around 50 pounds or more.

So your dog will have the best possible stay, be thinking about anything you can tell us about his or her comfort routines, times to eat, any problems getting along with other kinds of animals, behavior problems, training issues you'd like us to reinforce, old injuries or health issues.  We'll be asking you about those things.

Let us know if your dog needs a bath before coming home, or you'll get back a tired, dried off lake dog!  Also just so you know it's not unusual, some people tell us their dogs sleep for a day or two when they get home from camp....

14 for Christmas Eve.  Story time.  T'was the Night Before Christmas....