Nigerian Dwarf miniature dairy Goats

Freckled Silky Chickens 

Fallow Deer

Happy Cattle

Inside and barn cats


GoldenRetrieverCamp.Deerour farm familypups
Camp Photos
shrRoyals (Stevens-Handy Ranch) livestock~our family of friends.  Although we are retired from breeding, this page honors our past and present dear animals.

Also come see shrRoyal Miniature Horses and shrRoyal Golden Retrievers. 

Our goats Festus the guard goat, Bangles and her children Buttons and Gracie Bows, Turtle and her daughter Faith, and Sapphire and her son Cookie.

Our cattle Easter Bunny and her children.

Our deer who were brought up in our house with us.  John Deer and Jane Doe.

Our freckled Silky mini Chickens and the cats.  We fed stray cats so they'd keep the barn rodent free, and ended up with a B&B for 40!  Thanks for Feral Cat Assistance, most are now fixed and the rest are next!